Capone and Keefe Law Firm changed my life.  I was so overwhelmed with serious debt that I couldn’t sleep at night and I knew I had to do something. I made the call for my free half hour consultation with Marc Capone.  I knew I made the right decision during the meeting, friendly and understanding he answered all my questions.  My petition was filed painlessly thanks to him and his staff.  Start to finish, all emails are answered and phone call are returned.  I would recommend anyone who may be having financial troubles to Capone and Keefe without any hesitation. .   Marc Capone is a life changer….and for the better!

-Nancy, Tinton Falls


“Sometimes good prudent people, who save money for a rainy day, find that it rains. And rains. And rains. When something bad like that happens, you need more than an attorney. You need someone who is willing to understand not only the financial crisis, but the people and human dynamics at work within the crisis. It is one thing to repair credit and save houses and mend fences. It is quite another to save the heart and give hope to those affected. Marc Capone knows how to both with equal grace and understanding. He does it efficiently, and he is both resourceful and relentless in the cause of his client. In a world where “lawyer” is a dirty word, Marc has singlehandedly restored my confidence in the profession. He is truly “one of the good guys” helping me to ensure my recovery.”

-Pat C. from Long Branch


I can’t believe you consider us a pleasure to deal with. When it is your Law firm that is the best I have ever had the pleasure and good fortune to have engaged to solve my problems. Mr. Capone and Ms. Keefe are the most professional and hard working people I have ever had the honor to meet, not to mention the assistants like Angela who are a huge credit to the whole office staff. It should be me thanking all of you for your thoughtfulness and commitment.

-Anthony, Manahawkin, NJ


It has been a great pleasure to work with Marc Capone and his associate Angela Tavares of Capone & Keefe. We have found Marc Capone and his firm to be honorable, hard working, effective and compassionate.Marc has helped us through a very trying time period in our life, offering us wise counsel which both allayed our worst fears and above all, helped us to save our home and go on with our lives.

We truly appreciate the insightful and diligent work of Marc and his team. They were able to deliver positive results, and we are truly grateful for their helpthrough this stressful time.

Thank you!

-D.D. – Monmouth County, New Jersey


Like so many people, my husband and I struggled with paying our bills and keeping up with mortgage payments while trying to support two children.  We struggled with the thought of filing bankruptcy, but after speaking with Angela and meeting with Marc back in 2009, we decided that it was the best decision for our family.    Marc didn’t pressure us and we certainly did not feel rushed to make a decision.  He explained the different bankruptcies and the pros and cons of filing each.  To this day, we have not regretted our decision.  They even helped us with our Loan Modification.  It took a little over a year, but it was so worth it.

We both work and we still struggle, but we are in a better place than where we were back in 2009.  We put ourselves on a tight budget and every week, we are able to put money aside to pay our mortgage every month and pay our necessary house bills, but still have some leftover to occasionally treat our children to dinner or the movies or just going down the beach and relaxing.  That is what matters most.

We both realize that we will still struggle as the cost of life continues to rise, but to see how far we have come in just under two (2) years really makes the struggle a little easier.

I also would like to add that Marc and Angela NEVER once made us feel that our questions were either too big or too small.  We always received a response whether it was via email or regular mail.  Angela and I have actually become email buddies and I don’t think I would have gotten through some of these times it if wasn’t for her kind words of reassurance (let alone our corny jokes back and forth)!!!  I would definitely recommend Capone and Keefe to anyone, even if it were just for advice and/or guidance.  It truly can change your life!

-Melissa, Freehold, NJ


Dear Marc, Tiffany & Staff,

Thanks so much for your help and guidance. It’s such a pleasure doing business with your firm. From your in depth knowledge, to the attention to detail, to your professionalism, to getting results there is none better than Capone & Keefe.

I would eagerly recommend you for in my opinion there is no firm better at what you do.

I am saying thank you so much again for everything, but I simply cannot thank you enough!


Joe M., Toms River, NJ